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It’s super important that your home is protected by the best home security company! Check out our comparison of ADT VS top competitors here.

There is a burglary about every 18 seconds in the United States.

In fact, recent data gathered by the FBI shows that close to 4 million burglaries happen every year.

We know you’re willing to do whatever it takes to keep your family safe.

But the fact is, your current security system just may not be doing its job.

Or, perhaps you don’t yet have a security system and are trying to decide on which brand to choose.

In this post, we’re going to tell you why you need to go with an ADT security system for your home, by comparing ADT vs common competitors.

Let’s Look At The Reasons Why ADT Is The Top Security Provider

Here’s a list of all the services ADT provides:

  • 24-Hour ADT, high-quality monitoring
  • Same day appointments
  • A 1-day installation of your security system
  • Employee background checks
  • Certified Home Security Advisors
  • Remote access to your alarm system
  • Indoor cameras
  • Coverage that’s nationwide
  • A low $99 upfront cost
  • A monthly monitoring rate of just $27.99

Also, ADT has an outstanding reputation in the security industry. In fact, they’ve been in business for over 18 years.

By comparison, Vivint has been in business for only 2 years, Xfinity only 2, and AT&T Digital Life for just a single year.

Are those really the people you want protecting your family? Are you willing to be a “test run” for a security system company?

ADT also has the highest number of monitoring systems out of all the major home security brands. We have 4 North American monitoring systems.

Competitors like Vivint and AT&T Digital Life, have only 2, while Xfinity has only 1. This means you may not get help as quickly as you need it.

How Other Well-Known Security Systems Compare

Xfinity, AT&T Digital Life, and Vivint do not offer 24-hour monitoring.

You also won’t be able to get a same-day appointment with any of these brands.

If you’re going on a last-minute vacation, or if you’ve just heard about a string of robberies in your neighborhood, you shouldn’t have to wait to be able to sleep at night.

Even if you luck out with these companies and get a fast installation plan, it’s going to take more than one day to get your security system installed with all of them.

Worst of all, ADT was the only company that ran background checks and demanded certification training for service providers. These people know where you live, and may know your alarm codes.

That’s just unacceptable.

ADT was also the only company of those polled that provided voice control for its home security systems.

Finally, let’s take a look at the cost factor.

Sure, all of the companies we looked at can also boast an up-front cost of $99.

But what about the monthly fees?

Shockingly, Vivint charges $49.99 a month, Xfinity and AT&T Digital Life $39.99 a month.

That’s not what we call savings at all.

You Know Why You Need To Choose ADT vs Other Brands

ADT security systems have the top and most important features that other systems just don’t offer.

When you’re choosing between ADT vs other brands, there’s really no comparison.

Get in touch with us today to find out how you can affordably get an ADT security system installed in your home.

There’s no reason to wait one more day when it comes to keeping your family safe.