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The chances of a home robbery occurring increase when you’re gone. Discover the 5 best practices to protect your home when on a trip!

According to data gathered by the FBI, robberies account for about $414 million worth of stolen property/losses – in a single year.

But a fear of your home being broken into while you’re away shouldn’t stop you from booking the vacation of your dreams.

Instead, check out these 5 tips on how to protect your home when you’re on vacation.

1. Get A Home Security System

Sometimes, even just advertising the fact that you have a home security system is enough to protect your home while you’re away.

Especially if you planned your trip at the last minute, look for a company that offers same-day appointments.

Insist on working with a company that has run thorough background checks on their employees.

You may also want to consider a security system that has video monitoring, so you can see who is at your front door from anywhere you have Internet access, or just have peace of mind knowing cameras are rolling.

2. Make It Look Like You’re Still Home

Sure, you can ask a neighbor to come over and switch some lights on and off in your home every day that you’re gone.

However, thanks to today’s tech advancements, you may be able to set your lights to automatically go on and off throughout the day.

Same goes for your television, sprinklers, and anything else that says, “We’re still here!”

3. Remove Spare Keys

Most of us have keys hidden somewhere in our front or back yards – and robbers certainly know this.

When they have more time to look (like when you’re away from your home for several days) they may just find your spare keys.

Take them inside or hand them off to a neighbor before you leave.

4. Ask Someone To Get Your Mail

There’s nothing that says “we’re not home!” to robbers more clearly than a giant pile of mail and newspapers on your front doorstep.

Why take the risk?

Plus, doing anything to attract the attention of thieves puts your whole neighborhood at risk.

Ask a friend to collect your mail while you’re away. Better yet, hire a neighbor’s child to do the job, to teach them about the importance of safety while away from home.

5. Stay Off Social Media

This doesn’t mean you can’t post pictures of your trip, but please use caution.

Not only was her social media account exactly how Paris robbers knew how to find Kim Kardashian, but your Instagram photos are also how robbers know when you’re not home.

In fact, 78% of thieves rely on social media to help them find their next target.


Resist the urge to post pics until you get home, or don’t tag your location.

Why not just send your photos privately to a few friends?

Protect Your Home Even When You’re Away

Thanks to these 5 tips, you know how to protect your home and prevent theft when you’re away on vacation.

When you’re ready to get the top security systems installed, get in touch with us.

The last thing you want is to have to worry about the safety of your home when you’re relaxing in the sand!